Apostle of Soaring Light advanced by BjornHurri

08.08.13 @ 20:1396

who is the interracial couple that I've seen posted on this blog? Are they characters youve created yourself? I love them so much!

They belong to ssulsol. Awesome artist!


It’s a job for — OOPS! Superman pin-up by Si Arden, my collaborator on BULLDOGS #1! BULLDOGS #1 is a gay erotic comic on sale at http://dale.gaycomics.me/ ;)

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You may have heard that Microsoft showed off their new Xbox yesterday. I’m wearing my Ginch Gonch “I Love Video Games” briefs today to celebrate. 

Underwear for stylish gamer. I approve.

Actually… this whole tumblr is filled with pretty stylish underwear. Cool.

Beast by *MikeDimayuga

05.16.13 @ 23:51143

Legend of the Cryptids[Avalon] Sword of Kings, Excalibur

05.08.13 @ 18:5491


Happy (early) Birthday to Crisart!——————I thought you’d like some Teddy eye candy for your birthday… or maybe Billy is sharing some personal photos with you. ;P Thanks for being awesome and creating so many beautiful works of art! <3 You are an inspiration and I’m always looking forward to seeing new work from you! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! <3<3

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Training ! by =James—C

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